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What if we all…

What would happen if all of the voting Americans who don’t really like Barack Obama or Mitt Romney voted for someone else?

Democrat: 22-34%
Republican: 22-34%
Other: 32-56%

No matter which party won the election they would finally have to acknowledge that they have to address somewhere between a third and half of the American people and not just the die-hards of their party.

What would happen if all of the voting Americans who don’t really like Barack Obama or Mitt Romney submitted blank (don’t check/chad anyone) voter cards?

Democrat: 22-34%
Republican: 22-34%
Blank: 32-56%

No matter which party won the election they would be as responsive as can be to address the needs of and win the votes/support of the people who voted no-confidence in both parties.  The best possible outcome would be that they have to hold a second election (for lack of substantial candidate votes).

What would happen if all of the historically non-voting populations (young adults 18-30, urban minorities, overseas members of the Armed Services) were registered and their votes counted?

The candidates would have to stop pandering solely to the historic majority of votes (senior citizens, the middle class, and predominately white people) because their votes wouldn’t make up the majority needed to win.  Suddenly jobs, education, fiscal responsibility and infrastructure might trump the increasingly credit-killing measures to save Social Security and Medicare.

What would happen if the gruesome twosome (the Republi-cratic parties) couldn’t bully or cajole you into voting for their candidate but you voted anyway?

Would they pay more attention to what you want and need?

Could we impress upon them that we are Independent thinkers and voters who require an elected official to serve the public’s needs, not just their ideological goals?

Could we send a message that says their campaign dollars (from rich people) and advertising and spin (from rich media) and unfulfilled/unrealistic campaign promises (for those who choose to believe the candidate is a Superhero) are not enough to buy our vote?


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2 thoughts on “What if we all…

  1. A useful post, but think I think I need to do more research. Good though, and thanks.

    Posted by Business Mastermind Group | September 5, 2012, 8:41 AM


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