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The Wife Hack

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DIY the New Zealand Way

Warning: Content may not be suitable for viewing in a professional environment. That said, it’s hilarious.

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“Our two-party …

“Our two-party (political) system is a bowl of shit looking at itself in the mirror” – Lewis Black Related articles Lewis Black messes with Texas (dailykos.com)

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The Evolution of the Red Cup

This piece comes to us by way of food by Skyler, one of our newest followers.  It is a great and humorous history of what that red solo cup has come to mean to us and what it is becoming. The Evolution of the Red Cup.   I leave you with these: Red Solo Cup by … Continue reading

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Holy Zumba

So let me see if I got this straight. The last Pope resigned because he was too old and his body wasn’t in condition to handle being pope…so to replace him they got a 76 year old cardinal from Argentina…he better lead Holy Zumba classes or something! – Seize Da Booty

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A Million in a Second

A man was at home in meditation and a question came to his mind. “God, what do a million years feel like for you?” It feels like a second to you. “Oh, so what does a million dollars feel like to you? If feels like a penny to you. The man thought about this.  After … Continue reading

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Full of Sh*t

To ALL Employers Who Save Money By Buying Cheap Toilet Paper For Company Bathrooms:

When you put economy toilet paper in your bathrooms you may save yourself some money in your facilities budget. Here’s what else you do: Continue reading

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Stuff no one told US..

  Stuff no one told US…

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Catnip for Nerds

Monty Python is like Catnip for Nerds.  Once you get them started quoting it, they are constitutionally incapable of feeling depressed. Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid chronicles)   Related Articles: CarpeBootium is an Open Book (carpebootium.com)

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Keep That Shit Up

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