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The Ghosts of the Confederacy

We know the enemy and it is within our walls. It’s the name no one wants to say but this boogieman hasn’t left, it just grew stronger in silence. So do we shine a light on it and take it on? No, we talk about something else and let it continue to grow in silence. Continue reading

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Moving Too Fast…Too Slow…Just Right

What I have learned from this experience of life is simply this…you can’t make things stay the same and you can’t make things change, the best you can hope for is to influence them. When I adjust my perception to fit my experience then I will not fear being too fast or too slow, my timing will be just right. Continue reading

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Who Has Your Ear?

There are more voices, opinions, beliefs, and thoughts available to us now than at any time ever in human history. When I take the time to reflect, I can hear those voices that best speak to me and remind me of who I am and who I am becoming. Continue reading

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Winning Is Not Being In A Race

The goal of America is that all men (and women) are equal and so Americanism can not continue to be something that is relegated to “White people”. When we finally reach that point, we will have finally won the race. Continue reading

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They’re Just Not That Into You

That time, when realization became understanding, was a brutal emotional time but it was very educational and has served me well in many relationships (familial, friends, lovers, partners and co-workers) since. It taught me lessons about love and how it’s expressed and what it feels like, but also that “doesn’t walk the talk” isn’t really love. Continue reading

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May Your Truths Live In Another’s Mouth

I can only hope that some of my truth might live on to be echoed or quoted or stated without reference in an age long beyond me. My wish for you is that your truth be found in the echoes of time to demonstrate that your truths have taken hold in this world as well. Continue reading

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Where Are You Now?

Ultimately the most challenging part of successfully completing this maze we call life is to clearly and fully identify point A (where you are) and clearly and fully identify point B (where you want to go)? Continue reading

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Words Will Never Hurt Me

The choice of whether or not a person’s words are given the power to hurt me, is my choice on whether or not I give them that power. For me, I’ll keep hurtful words powerless…I’ve got enough to worry about from sticks and stones. Continue reading

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There is a reason why they call it “Minimum” Wage

Take the time, effort and money that people are proposing go into raising the minimum wage, and put that into job training for those who want to advance their career or change careers to make a better wage and improve their quality of life. There will be people who take advantage of that and there will be people who won’t. Continue reading

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Happy Accidents…

Be careful watching Bob Ross before you go to bed, you may have a happy accident before morning.

– Seize daBooty Continue reading

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