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There is a reason why they call it “Minimum” Wage

Take the time, effort and money that people are proposing go into raising the minimum wage, and put that into job training for those who want to advance their career or change careers to make a better wage and improve their quality of life. There will be people who take advantage of that and there will be people who won’t. Continue reading

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Your Worst Feelings May Block Your Best Intentions

Don’t Let Your Worst Feelings Get In The Way Of Your Best Intentions

- Seize daBooty Continue reading

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Only Child vs. Siblings – What Clothes Your Beliefs

If you have significantly more people crammed into a state (or any organization) that have to be accounted for, have to be accommodated, and have to be reckoned with, the harder it becomes to hold fast to singular modes of belief and thought, leadership requires cooperation and negotiation. Continue reading

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POTUS Not The Savior

Obama is not a brown-skinned, anti-war, Socialist who gives away free healthcare…you’re thinking about Jesus – bumper sticker I came across earlier today Related Articles: The Savior of this Country (carpebootium.com) Rights vs. Privileges (carpebootium.com) What Is It To Be ‘Authentic’ Black? (carpebootium.com) Beware of Scare Tactics about Obamacare (carpebootium.com) Socialist: I Don’t Think It Means What You … Continue reading

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“Our two-party …

“Our two-party (political) system is a bowl of shit looking at itself in the mirror” – Lewis Black Related articles Lewis Black messes with Texas (dailykos.com)

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Just A Little Off The Top

The Sequester is forcing $85 Billion worth of cuts. That seems like an astronomical amount that must obviously be way more than we can afford to cut and remain viable, right? Well the Federal Spending (not budget, we don’t have one of those) over the last 5 years has averaged $3.5 Trillion. That means that … Continue reading

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All Should Be Equal…Under The Law

This level of hypocrisy by the Federal government (I support the rights of states to make same-sex marriage legal but I will not recognize the couples that come from such laws) needs to stop. Continue reading

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We…the People vs. It…the Money

I just recently came across this organization and can say this is a cause I thoroughly support. Having watched the US political system become an oligarchy (yes, it’s a word) as opposed to a democracy or even a republic…it’s time to take our politics back.

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How to Stop Mass Shootings

When we stop making sociopathic people famous, we’ll stop making sociopathic behavior a route to being popular. Criminal laws don’t stop criminals, they just give them a starting line and punish them when they cross it. If the goal is to save lives then the aim should be to prevent the shooter from becoming a … Continue reading

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New Reality Show: American Jackasses

For everyone who has no problem calling in to vote for American Idol or any other reality show, here’s a new one for you American Jackasses…place your calls to congress and let them know “you are the Weakest Link…goodbye” ‘Bunch of jackasses:’ Former New York Sen. Al D’Amato rips 67 GOP congressmen who voted ‘no’ … Continue reading

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