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Hopes For Marriage

“Many times women get married thinking they are going to change the man. Men generally get married hoping that she won’t change.” Continue reading

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Why Would You Want Multiple Women?

I don’t know how any man could possibly think numerous women will make him happy when one can give him all the problems he could possibly want. – Joyce Meyer

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The Voice of Courage

This image comes to us from LadyRomp, a blog that serves the cause of women’s empowerment.  Whether you are a woman or not, this quote from Mary Ann Radmacher should speak to you.

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Can A Sista Get Some Love?

As part of my “Following My Followers” series I am going through the blogs of people who have joined the voyage of CarpeBootium. This piece comes from The Nahmias Cipher Report. Nahmias Cipher Report is a forum for political and social commentary on human rights in emerging economies. The report highlights a diverse range of … Continue reading

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The Single Biggest Health Threat Women face

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Who Sets Your Ideal?

Not all booty is GOOD booty! Picture courtesy of only4today.tumblr.com, a great blog about a woman’s life and journey to weight loss.

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A woman will only treat you the way you allow her to treat you. All men are NOT dogs. It’s not something you owe your DNA to act like one. You should never look for someone to complete you…a relationship consists of two whole individuals…look for someone complimentary…not supplementary. Continue reading

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